$10 Tarot Card Reading by Text


This is for receiving a fast and convenient tarot reading through a live text message and you can also receive a photo of your reading as well! You will receive your reading within 24-48 hours or LESS! Receive a reading for JUST $10 - no hidden fees or signing up for anything! Each reading is just $10 You will NOT be charged by the min.!

I suggest that you prepare for a reading by relaxing in a quiet and private area to clear your mind from any distractions and focus on what you are curious/concerned about as you inhale and exhale .Take your time to think about your questions.Provide your first name and D.O.B. and a question you have.This reading can provide many answers. The length of the reading varies for each customer but typical a reading of this nature will last 5-15 min through text. For more information you can also take a glance at the FAQ's page.

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